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Transform your workout, and your body

Our high-energy, body-focused hip-hop Reformer Pilates classes will change your body! Reformer Pilates is known to build lean muscle, correct posture, and build whole body strength from the inner core. There’s a reason this is the go-to workout for celebrities and models all over the world!

Our 50 minute hip-hop Pilates focuses on the core – both abs and back – and then builds powerful legs, strong arms, and balance throughout. With focused time-under-tension muscle engagement, rather than heavy reps, the isometric training of large muscles creates stable muscle growth. With 3-4 classes a week, you can start to see (and definitely feel) a noticeable change in 6 weeks!

Uplifting and High Energy 

We play uplifting beats – hip hop and EDM – to keep the energy high and help you find, and keep, your flow through each series of moves. As true Pilates addicts ourselves, we know music is a big part of finding your mind-body connection and hitting your groove as you work.

Our studio uses premium, real, wooden reformers, not the small, lightweight aluminum kind! A larger reformer allows a wider variation of moves, utilizes more movement for building glutes, hamstrings and quads, and it enhances the calming mind-body experience Pilates is known for.

contemporary reformer Pilates in Waco

Benefits of Reformer Pilates


Builds strength — focused on the core, back, glutes and thighs.


Improves balance posture & full body alignment


Improves focus through a strong mind-body connection


Improves coordination with controlled, flowing movements


Creates a mindset to enhance mood all day

Membership Options

Traveling or just tied up? You can pause your membership for only $30 per month for up to 3 months.  Canceling your membership before 3 full billing cycles will result in a $200 early cancellation fee.

Pay Per Class

Must Pay when Scheduled

*must have membership on file


8 Classes Per Month


*3 month membership required

Power Up

10 Classes Per Month


*3 month membership required


Unlimited Classes


*3 month membership required


Classes start at the half hour for a total of 50 minutes of active instruction and 10 minutes to stretch at the end of each session.


















We Have a Schedule for Everyone!

Want those lean, defined muscles… want to ditch the same old rep sessions at the gym? Try Reformer Pilates and experience an entirely new, fun way to reach those goals. Taught in classes of 11 or less, our Pilates studio encourages individual focus and progressive workout modifications so ANYONE can take any class that fits their schedule. From beginners to advanced, our integrated class is for everyone!

We have classes to fit your schedule! Starting at 5:30am and again at 4:30pm, we offer early morning and evening classes to accommodate your busy day. Working out and gaining strength takes time and if it fits into your already full day, it’s easier to keep coming and stay fit! Each 50 minute class works every muscle group, with modification real-time to accommodate beginners and advanced Pilates members all at the same time. Modify your springload weight up, or down, grab some hand weights, or not… depending your goals and experience on the reformer. You never stop your personal progress just to be in a group setting. We are here to encourage you, drive you, and help you be the strongest, most balanced person you can be.

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