What Makes Reformer Pilates So Great?

Pilates was introduced as a core based strengthening program for injury rehabilitation… Many decades later, it has become the workout that creates a lean, tight, strong body for everyone! Very low impact, focusing on muscle tension instead of counting out contraction/release reps, Pilates builds your body from the center, out. Posture, balance and strength go hand-in-hand when creating strong, powerful, LEAN bodies. Made popular by incredibly toned influencers, reality TV stars and runway models, the theory behind the core-first workout has been taken to a new level and become the workout for fast, long-term results.

Perfect for Any Fitness Level

Pilates introduces moves and muscle control that will continue to challenge you while providing serious results. It eliminates back pain via posture building balance, it builds defined abs and obliques through time-under-tension moves that flow together to create a seamless workout routine. It builds strong legs and powerful shoulders with moves designed to engage muscles throughout the area, not just the big ones, but all of them!

The spring loaded platform makes adjusting the force up or down easy and you can always change it during the move as needed! We encourage you to work hard, but mastering the move is key to building the Pilates body. Take the force on the platform up or down to make it easier… or harder!

Hand weights can be (and will be!) used to engage more muscle groups, or enhance the difficulty of certain moves. Your instructor will que you during the class to add weights when appropriate, or as a modifier to enhance your strength.

The Pilates Ring is a go-to accessory to make multifaceted moves effective in a short period of time. Engage your inner thighs, outer thighs, or lats and pecs as your instructor indicates while still working that all important core!

The Many Benefits of Pilates

Studies show that early morning workouts raise your metabolism and enhance your calorie burn well into your busy day. Working out in the evening can reduce stress and help enhance sleep. The mind-body connection that Reformer Pilates provides isn’t just about focusing on balance and muscle tension, but it also helps relieve stress and get your mind reset for the day… or night.

We offer classes as early as 5:30am and as late as 7:30pm to help you find the fitness routine that enhances your daily life.

Membership Options

Traveling or just tied up? You can pause your membership for only $30 per month for up to 3 months.  Canceling your membership before 3 full billing cycles will result in a $200 early cancellation fee.

Pay Per Class

Must Pay when Scheduled

*must have membership on file


8 Classes Per Month


*3 month membership required

Power Up

10 Classes Per Month


*3 month membership required


Unlimited Classes


*3 month membership required


Classes start at the half hour for a total of 50 minutes of active instruction and 10 minutes to stretch at the end of each session.


















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