We have Reformer Pilates membership options for everyone in Waco!


Flexible Schedule

With 11 full sized reformer machines, and 50 classes a week, we offer a flexible schedule to help accommodate your busy day and make sure you can reach your fitness goals on your timeline. Sign up for as many classes as you like and have a great time in them all! As our membership grows, we will add more classes so you never have to worry about missing us!

*Please note that our hip-hop playlists will use the original artists’ versions of the songs.

Class sign-up is open 2 weeks in advance via our App.

WIth a small, focused class size of only 11 members, early sign-up is key to making sure you have your workout routine locked in. Once the class is full, a waitlist of up to 5 members will begin. If a member drops the class, the next member on the waitlist will automatically be added and sent a text message with confirmation.

Had an event or unexpected appointment come up?

 Just go to your reservation and cancel it online! Drop the class less than 4 hours beforehand and it’s free, UNLESS the class is full or waitlisted. If you drop a spot in a full class less than 4 hours before class begins, a $15 fee will be assessed. Failure to drop a class and not make it will result in a no-show fee of $15 on any class, full or not.

Membership Options

Traveling or just tied up? You can pause your membership for only $30 per month for up to 3 months.  Canceling your membership before 3 full billing cycles will result in a $200 early cancellation fee.

Pay Per Class

Must Pay when Scheduled

*must have membership on file


8 Classes Per Month


*3 month membership required

Power Up

10 Classes Per Month


*3 month membership required


Unlimited Classes


*3 month membership required


Classes start at the half hour for a total of 50 minutes of active instruction and 10 minutes to stretch at the end of each session.


















What’s the Best Choice for You?

Unlimited Membership

An Unlimited Membership is the best choice for serious folks who want to incorporate Reformer Pilates into a regular fitness routine and work on full body development. Without a class limit, the Unlimited plan allows you to workout as much as you like, and get results on your timeline! Only 4 classes a week can create the long, lean muscle lines Pilates is famous for… fast!

Full Membership

A Full Membership allows 12 classes per month – as many, or as little, as you want each week! Going out of town for a week? Get your classes in when it works for you! If 12 isn’t enough, you can upgrade to the Unlimited Membership and get your sweat on as often as you want.


A Pay-Per-Class option is available if you can’t commit to a weekly routine, but still want the physical and mental benefits of a reformer pilates class. The per class option is for anyone… visitors, folks who just want to ‘try it out’, and those just trying to stay active in new, fun ways without a commitment.

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