Get texts as a Pilates class reminder the day of, when class may be canceled, the studio is unexpectedly closed, your class registrations, waitlist status & cancelations!

We are excited to announce that members can now receive text alerts related to your upcoming classes. Once you enable this new feature you can choose to receive a text message from us when any of the following happens:

· The time of your class has changed,

· Your class has been cancelled,

· A waitlist spot opens for you, and

· 3 hours before your class we will send you a reminder.

To receive SMS alerts from us you must enable this new feature in your account. To enable SMS alerts, do the following:

Log into your TeamUp account via a browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), and head to My Account

Pilates Class SMS guide

Next, you’ll be redirected to your profile. If you haven’t yet entered your mobile number, click ‘add phone number’

Pilates Studio Waco SMS sign up guide

THAT’s it… you’re done!

Now you will receive reminders for scheduled classes, Notification of Registration or cancel…. and get important updates if a class gets canceled unexpectdly or there is an inclement closing.