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Waco’s newest Pilates Studio – Incredible workout, amazing vibes!

About Our Facility

We have remodeled a historical Waco building to bring a modern, high energy Pilates studio to a 70+ year old structure on the edge of the new Waco Riverfront, between Downtown Waco and the Baylor Campus. Directly across from Hotel Indigo and in front of Marriott Residence Inn, there is plenty of parking! Simply walk down the sidewalk to our covered, front entrance.

Using premium, wooden reformers, the style of the workout flows as easily as the Brazos! Shipped in from the West Coast, our elite reformers are larger (and taller) than the aluminum counterpart and offer a wider variety of moves for hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

With over 2500 sq. feet of open Pilates workout space, we also offer amazing retail for you to browse; both brand name and locally designed athletic wear. There are two bathrooms, a separate-but-open room for you to grab a towel, cold water, or fresh juice, AND a back patio for sitting and relaxing under a gorgeous, old oak tree.

Our Amenities

Safe & Welcoming

Bright exterior lighting surrounding the building provides a safe environment for pre-dawn and evening class members. Cameras are in place throughout the interior main rooms and exterior, as well.

Convenient Storage

Cubbies are provided near the entrance for your personal items in full view of the entire studio class to deter theft. Please remember to turn your ringer off before class begins to avoid interrupting the focus of your fellow members.

Water & Refreshments

We offer cold water and clean, local organic juice from Waco’s own Oh My Juice! for sale in the side room. All retail sales are added to your card on file, just add your name to the sheet on the counter and we will get it processed within the week.

Fresh towels

We offer shelves of clean towels for you to use during your workout. Simply toss the used towels in the bin on your way out.

Clean Bathrooms

Both of our bathrooms are unisex so we do request that you do your best to leave them as clean as you found them, and use the proper trash receptacles provided. If one of the restrooms needs attention, please let us know!

comfortable Seating

Comfy couches await you in the far corner so you can relax and chat either before, or after, class. 

High Quality Merchandise

Retail items include the required ‘sticky’ socks (for reformer safety), leggings, sports bras, cute tops, and more! Branded apparel for Power Core Pilates will be available for purchase soon…. Your instructor or a team member at the front desk can add your retail purchase to the membership card on file.

Outdoor Patio

If a new class is starting, the music may interfere with conversations so we invite you to enjoy the back patio. There are tables with umbrellas and plenty of space for you to hydrate with some juice or water before and after class, sit and chat with friends and fellow members, and enjoy the shade of the giant oak and planters of seasonal flowers.


Classes start at the beginning of each hour for a total of 45 minutes of active instruction and 10 minutes to stretch at the end of each session.


















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